About Renard Noir

Atelier Renard Noir was founded in September 2022 and is all about the French flair, combining its elegance and casualness, which is also reflected throughout our brand’s philosophy. We aim to elevate casual staple & timeless pieces into something special with high quality. The ideal little addition for decorating your home, so to speak. All products are made in Austria or Germany and are deliberately made in limited quantities to avoid production surplus.

Atelier Renard Noir was founded and is directed by Raphaela Theresa Fuchs, one of Austria’s well-known content creators, focused on minimalistic and classic aesthetics. What started with her passion for photography and capturing beautiful things, led to her career as a full-time content creator since 5 years. With founding Renard Noir another dream of her career comes to life.

As a new business launching in 2022 we feel the need to focus on sustainability as much as it is possible. While creating, designing and bringing our ideas to life we always kept an eye on the aspect of
respecting the environment and the resources needed in addition to choosing our partners and how to act responsible. Find out more about our mission.