As a new business launching in 2022 we feel the need to focus on sustainability as much as it is possible. While creating, designing and bringing our ideas to life we always kept an eye on the aspect of respecting the environment and the resources needed in addition to choosing our partners and how to act responsible.

Matches made in Austria 

One of the most important things to us is that the product is made in Austria. Other companies often do not pay enough attention when it comes to treating employees and the environment properly, which is one more reason that we are very glad to have found an Austrian manufacture to work with, which aligns with our values. In Austria we can rely on healthy work conditions, as well as a fair salary. With being based in Vienna, we additionally keep the transport route extremely short, which also benefits the environment. This is what we call a win-win situation.

Materials & Packaging 

Being respectful of the environment starts at the product’s surroundings. For our packaging we chose gras paper, which is climate neutral. In comparison to traditional packaging it saves up to 75% CO2 emission. It contains recycled material and is made of renewable raw material.


The Amazon rainforest is the green lung of the Earth and plays a key role in our global climate. Losing it will have dramatic consequences. For this reason, it was particularly important to us to protect the rainforest from further destruction with a monthly donation. We chose WWF Austria that helps to protect areas in the size of 45 soccer fields for one year. Our donation also helps local people to use the rainforest instead of destroying it.

Responsibility requires to never stop learning and improving constantly. We are grateful for any suggestions regarding this subject. Just send an email to